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Social Media Update – Our Professional Photos

Dear our beloved community,

To help with promoting and expanding our business, we will continue to use professional photos on our social media. That includes, but not limited to our website, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok (W.I.P).

Our professional photographers will use their technical expertise, creativity, and skills to produce and preserve images that were captured onsite, offsite or even during our live session. It’s about more than just a photo, it’s about an experience. Those photos will be used to promote our products and services at our nail spa locations.

There are a few things that we need to highlight:

  1. Though we try to note down the polish color that was used in the photo, the actual product may turn our a little different due to the fact that the photo was enhanced.
  2. We may not have/run out of the color that was used in the photo as some of them were brought to us by the clients, or from other locations.
  3. We may use some stock photos/videos that were submitted by the clients, or from other photographers, or providers.
  4. We may ask for your consent if your face appears in the photo, please let us know if you want your photo to be removed.

To submit your photo please send them to our email: and we will have them featured on our website. (with your social media handler so we can tag the right person)

We are hoping to bring the new experience to everyone, and to share the service and products that we have to the community. Thank you for your help and support.

Pandora Nail Spa