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It’s Prom Day 2024

The biggest night of high school is almost here, and you deserve to feel like royalty! At Pandora Nail Spa, we’re here to make sure your prom look is absolutely flawless, from head to toe – and that definitely includes your nails!

Why Choose Pandora Nail Spa for Your Prom Mani & Pedi?

  • Prom Nail Specialists: Our talented technicians are experts in creating stunning nail designs that will complement your dress and personal style. Whether you’re dreaming of something classic and elegant, trendy and eye-catching, or sparkly and glamorous, we can make it happen!
  • Long-Lasting Perfection: Prom night is a whirlwind of dancing, photos, and unforgettable memories. You won’t have to worry about chipped polish or damaged nails with our high-quality products and expert application techniques.
  • Relaxing & Fun Atmosphere: Take a break from prom prep stress and pamper yourself with a luxurious spa experience. Enjoy a refreshing beverage, some soothing music, and let our friendly staff make you feel confident and beautiful.
  • Free Cookies and Treat: enjoy our delicious cookies and treat while having your nails done (limited quantity).

Ready to Book Your Appointment?

Prom season is our busiest time, so don’t wait! Call us at 925-284-7700 or book your appointment online at to reserve your spot and secure your dream prom nails.

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Get inspired by browsing our gallery of amazing prom nail designs on Instagram: @Pandora.nailspa. We can’t wait to see you and help you shine on your special night!

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